Tuesday, September 10, 2013

dresses i wore recently when i was happy

I have decided to get back into vintage recently. I dabbled in years gone by but am now determined to give it another, more thorough, shot. Plans include research into identifying time periods and the development of a hat collection. The yellow hat pictured in the photos here was purchased at an antique mall in The Little City with my dear Katie. I am planning to wear it at the reception of my wedding in nineteen days but felt like it needed a trial run today! With fall swiftly approaching I feel like hats will be easier to incorporate into my regular, non-working wardrobe. I am excited for this experiment and for the first time in a long time find myself in my closet playing dress up. It feels fun to play and enjoy styling again.

The yellow dress in the first photo was a birthday gift from Kenneth last year. I wore it last week when we went to the courthouse to get our marriage licence. My aunt was the clerk who signed the licence, which makes me so happy! I love how much the wedding has become a family affair. Kenneth and I are truly blessed with the number of people who love us and are willing to help so much.

{yellow dress-- birthday gift from Kenneth, yellow hat--antique ally, yellow cardigan--ann, pink dress--etsy find}