Saturday, May 10, 2014

things i've eaten recently

coffee and Polarican cookies
 sweet potato biscuits with guava jelly
strawberry summer cake
lemon raspberry marmalade jammers.

After six months of so of strict paleo eating and several months of non-Paleo and non-sugar eating, I am fully back in the baking way. I happily spend several days a week baking items for Kenneth and I to eat through our days. Sometimes it's scones for breakfast or a loaf of cheddar chive bread to dip in our soup (that was good). Recently it's been biscuits and jammers, both items you get to use a cup to punch out perfect round shapes!

 We also eat a lot of "real" food: chicken, pork, beef, roasted veggies, and plenty of salads. I do enjoy discovering a new recipe to make for lunch or dinner. But there is something so magical about baking. I love breaking out the flour and sprinkling it over the kitchen counter. I love the measuring cups and spoons and experimenting with ingredients. I love how great it feels when one thing comes out of the oven just as the next is ready for its turn. So, while I miss how skinny and how energized I was on Paleo, I am firmly Team Flour and born-again believer in homemade baked goods.