Saturday, October 26, 2013

renaissance festival

 The Renaissance Festival has become one of my yearly traditions. There is no continuity in the group of friends I go with but each year, at the end of Summer, I head to the woods of Maryland to visit my favorite place on earth. I love the Renn Fest because it attracts oddballs and characters and people who seem to view the world the same way I do: as a place that needs more magic and less of that bothersome reality. Renn Fest is a place for costumes, crowns, jousting, mead, and artisans. A day at the Festival is a day with friends. This year I put together my first ever steampunk outfit. Missing a few gears and doodads but I was happy and received several compliments. I can't wait to start planning next years adventure!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

going away

On the day following the wedding, Kenneth and Sarah left on a short honeymoon in the Appalachian mountains. Sarah wore a red shirtdress, black flats, and a vintage black hat.

{dress--thrifted, shoes and belt--ann, hat--antique ally}

Saturday, October 19, 2013

lady date--modern vintage

Katie is my very best friend (next to my husband) and the only friend I have who shares a love of vintage with me. Friday we met for an afternoon of girl talk and the only type of shopping I enjoy--hat shopping! We ended up dressing remarkable similar and we received compliments every place we went! We both found wonderful treasures. Katie left with the most darling fur hat I've ever seen, a truly unique velvet hat, and a beautiful 60s cashmere coat! I found a little black velvet hat, a playful black hat, and a mink that may be named Henry (still deciding if that is his true name). Perhaps even more fun than the shopping was the driving around neighborhoods picking out homes to live in. Thanks for the lovely afternoon Katie! 

{hat--antique ally, shirt--old, skirt--electric threads, boots--me too}

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the richmond conservatory

I'd like to go back here soon. Thank you.

{hat--target, dress--thrifted}