Monday, August 10, 2015

I Got Somebody at Home

Is it wrong to have a crush on your home? I sure hope not because I'm crushing hard on our little yellow house. I've always been a homebody but more than ever all I want to do is curl up in my living room and stare at the little corners that are "set". I could do without the corners still filled with boxes but, all in good time. Since both Kenneth and I are homebodies it's important for me that  our home is comfy and fun and full of things we love.

We're slowly gathering the pieces we need to finish unpacking. We found the perfect hutch for our fancy dishes and a coffee table for the living room. We have plans to build a second bookshelf (boy do I miss the built ins from the apartment) and that will help since the majority of the boxes left are books. Kenneth built a huge spice rack since we had three boxes of spices (who the heck are we?). All these practical things are coming together.

In the meantime, I've thrifted 11 pillows in the last month and a half to try and find the perfect pillows for our crazy couch. We've settled on the above for now (and by "we" I mean Katie and I since Kenneth could give a hoot about pillows and, in fact, throws them on the floor whenever he sits on the couch). There are also 7 blankets/throws in the living room in various baskets or draped over chairs. I guess you could say my ideal home is comfy and cozy. Also yellow, I live in a yellow house with a yellow hutch and a yellow couch and two yellow chairs with a yellow and white striped blanket under which I take naps. Comfy, cozy, and yellow. 

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