Friday, May 31, 2013

birthday girl

I turn 24 today. Turned 24? Am in the process of turning 24? I'm not sure the proper tense but still, today is my 24th birthday and I am glad. I'm glad to have spent another year on this Earth surrounded by people I love. I'm excited about a new age and all that my 24th year brings. I know that this next year will be amazing. In September I marry Kenneth, which even if it were the only thing would foretell a wonderful year. However there is more, 2+4=6, six is my favorite number (two and three are second). It is also the year of the snake, my birth year was as well. Finally, when I reached into my kitchen drawer to pull out a new hand towel I pulled out the towel from 1989.
Clearly the stars have aligned in my favor for this next year.
Today was spent with my love. It started off with paleo waffles (thanks to civilized caveman and the paleo parents for the recipe and Kenneth for the cooking). I was beyond thrilled when this recipe showed up last week, just in time for my birthday! Waffles with pure Vermont maple syrup and fresh raspberries is a great way to start a day. Kenneth and I gorged and then cleaned off our balcony. We bought five tomato and three pepper starts this afternoon and are going to grow a little balcony garden this summer. With the plants outside and the aquaponics system inside we should be able to make delicious salads all summer long.
I loved today is a birthday because of how simple it was. Lots of delicious food, a whole day with my love, and a little home improvement. The older I get the more I appreciate simplicity and the joy in time with a loved one spent getting our hands dirty.

& this is to remind me to find my tripod. Tried to take a birthday portrait this morning and ended up with this:

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