Sunday, June 9, 2013

running south

When we were in college we would run away to Richmond. When the stress of papers and exams were too much we would pack our bags for the weekend, hop in Kenneth's car and drive two hours south to home cooked meals and a city that was a wonderful escape from our reality. We would sleep in and spend the day hiking, wandering Carytown, fishing and eating everything Kenneth's mom cooked for us. In a house filled with cats and dogs and a bedroom where we would watch movies and drink wine from giant jugs, we could hide from the real world.

Now the reality we're running from is a lot more real than it was in college. Now we're running from bills, jobs, and wedding planning. But we're still running to the same place. We're running to home cooked meals and cats and dogs and sisters. Two hours south is just far enough away to forget our forty hour work weeks and electric bills.

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