Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ricotta cheddar spinach ravioli

I wish I could remember what recipe we used so I could share it with you and feel legit. I can only tell you we took a basic ricotta ravioli and went wild. Spinach sauteed with onion. A blend of cheddar and parmesan cheese. We had an afternoon off and it only took two hours and the ravioli was delicious. I liked mine cooked, sauteed until crisp, drizzled in olive oil with salt and pepper. Kenneth liked his with meat sauce. I liked his as well. 

A rare sight, photos of me cooking. I am typically the Darlips behind the camera. I am making an effort to get Kenneth to take photos of me during our every day activities. One day we will have little ones who I hope will take pleasure in looking through pictures of their Mama and Papa during their young and free days! So here I am, slept in braids, flannel on plaid under sweatshirt. It is a glamorous life we lead!

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