Wednesday, March 12, 2014

everything is better in a pie crust

There is something so lovely about waking up without an alarm blaring and not having to leap out of bed to get going. A leisurely breakfast of homemade bread, cheese, and grapefruit while sipping water and coffee. Spending an hour or so looking for pear pie recipes and figuring out what to make for lunch. Music is playing all day and the sun is shining in (or as much can shine in with taped up windows). It is a good day today.

Yesterday was also a good day. Katie came over and helped me clear out my wardrobe, we donated SIX bags of clothing. I am so grateful for her help and I feel so much lighter now that all that excess is out of my apartment. For lunch, I served a spinach ricotta pie and for dessert, a apple custard pie. I loved the spinach ricotta pie (so rich and creamy) and enjoyed the apple custard pie, although I was reminded that I don't really like apple pies. 

Bonus Photo:
My bearded bear of a puppy man.

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