Monday, March 3, 2014

the anatomy of a snow day

We have had far too many snow days this year. What was at first a novelty has become an annoyance as every flake that falls reminds me that Spring is still weeks away. Last night as we watched the forecast of five to eight inches of snow, I gave in to the inevitability of another snow day. I decide to enjoy the day for what it is--an unexpected reprieve in an otherwise busy time. 

I slept in and lounged about in my pajamas long past the hour I would usually stay in bed. I explored the white woods with Kenneth (forgetting my sd card in the adapter, hence the lack of photographic evidence). Lunch was a warm soup and hearty scone, the perfect antidote to a face frozen by the cold. The rest of the day was spent making coffee and listening to my current favorite record. Kenneth and I baked the worlds ugliest carrot cake, luckily it tastes better than it looks. A late dinner, a glass of wine, and now, early to bed. 

Today was an exemplary snow day. A snowy escape from the responsibilities of real life. Tomorrow we all go back to reality. 

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